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Each cell in our body has a core called the 'nucleus'. These nuclei are like the central headquarters of our cells. Chromosomes are found in the cell nucleus, and each chromosome contains millions of DNA. DNA is a nucleic acid that carries the genetic instructions necessary for the vital functions and biological evolution of all organisms. The main role of DNA is long-term storage of information. At the end of each chromosome is a specific genetic structure: Telomeres.

Telomeres are located on the tips of each DNA helix, and protect the chromosomes. They are located on the ends of the DNA strands of all of our cells. Since each cell has 23 chromosome pairs, each cell has 92 telomeres.


Protecting the length of telomeres means a long and healthy life.


As our cells age, brand new cells are produced for each of our organs. New bone cells for our bone cells, new skin cells for our skin cells, new heart cells for our heart cells, and so on.

Our genes produce a new copy of the same cells to renew our dead cells, and the telomeres shorten with each new production.

That is, telomeres constantly shorten with each division of our cells to keep us young and healthy. This renewal period continues until the telomeres arrive at point zero and no more original cells remain to be replicated. In other words, this means that there is no stored material remaining that can be used to replicate the cell. Production can not continue.


In addition, telomere length is even shortened further due to factors like stress, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, and poor nutritional habits. Protecting the length of telomeres also means a long and healthy life.

As cells in the hair, skin and immune system are renewed faster than cells in other parts of the body, their telomeres tend to shorten more rapidly. Therefore, signs of aging are seen sooner and more obviously in the individual's external appearance.

Telomerase is an enzyme that is produced in DNA and manages telomere length. There is enormous potential for this enzyme to slow and stop telomeres shortening, and even assist in the elongation of telomeres.


Through the use of today's new techniques to reactivate the telomerase located in our cells, including that of somatic cells, it is possible to slow the shortening of telomeres, and even to lengthen telomeres that have shortened to a critical degree.

This signifies a dramatic lengthening of the cell's lifespan, and the potential for an old cell to continue its lifecycle like a much younger cell. That is, rejuvenating and staying young for many years now seems to be a achievable goal for everyone.

In addition, it has been scientifically proven in laboratories, that through the use of cycloastragenol and telomere lengthening, old skin cells are regenerated and function in a manner identical to new cells.


One of the most important details is that the fate of the entire cell is determined by one of the 92 telomeres falling to critical length. Thus, is is of utmost importance to repair and lengthen all short telomeres. Our cells are constantly being renewed and the size of telomeres in our DNA shortens with every renewal. When telomeres are exhausted and cannot renew further, cellular regeneration, and with it, our physiological life ends. Therefore, a miracle occurs in our body when the speed of telomeric shortening is slowed, and beyond that, the shortened telomere length is encouraged to reextend. Thus, diseases and aging can be prevented and our lifespans can be extended. With Infinity Regenerative Clinic's focus on rejuvenation and long life, the importance of telomere integrity, health, length, and telomerase will be the concepts that remain in our memories for a long time to come.

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