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After a long century, modern society has once again focused on what may be the most important area of human health: Regeneration. Not a day goes by without the most reputable periodicals and daily broadcasts publishing new articles on this topic. The ability to repair and regenerate is the biggest feature of our bodies. With the exception of some eye and brain cells, all your other tissues and organs can regenerate, and your body can actually remain youthful for life.

For example: the heart renews itself completely in 10 years, the lungs in 1 year, the liver in 6 months, and the tongue in 10 days. This time is reduced to 3 days for the gastric wall and 2 days for the intestines. We are in a constant state of regeneration and rejuvenation. Now, it is possible to maintain this ‘perpetual youth’. You do not have to age!

How can this be achieved? Firstly, the toxins accumulated in your skin and internal organs / systems such as intestines, liver, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, blood, lungs and kidneys, as well as the parasites spread across the body should be completely cleansed with Infinity Regenerative Clinic's programs. This will allow the organs to return to their regular functionality.

In every minute roughly 300 million cells die inside your body. While it may seem like a huge number, this figure is a very small percentage of the body’s complete cell count. An adult human body generates 300 billion new cells everyday. Meaning we are regenerating. This shows us that our bodies not only need energy for organ function and movement, it also needs the energy to constantly renew and repair itself.

Within Infinity Regenerative Clinic’s Health management system ’s regenerative, Rejuvenating life extending Treatments and programmes operate in sync with your body’s metabolic calendar to help it rejuvenate at a healthy rate. In other words, it keeps your organs, including your skin, and your whole body new. By executing the different programmes periodically over the course of a year, staying young and healthy will guarantee a long life. A healthy life span of 100 years is possible for all of us.

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