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The Body’s Self-Healing Ability

The human body is equipped with a defence system designed to fight against illnesses, and this is why it has the natural ability to heal itself. The healing mechanisms of the immune system are activated when stimulated when factors causing diseases are introduced into the body.

When the system encounters a foreign organism, its charged cells start fighting against it. This system, which can recognise a previously encountered microorganism or substance, responds and destroys it much faster in the second encounter.

The immune system is a complex, highly compatible structure to protect the body against illnesses by recognising and destroying pathogens and tumour cells. This system can recognize and distinguish a vast variety of foreign bodies ranging from viruses to parasitic worms the body has come into contact with, separating these from the healthy cells. In addition, it has the ability to differentiate between very similar materials such as proteins with different amino acid sequences.

The Breakdown Of The Immune System

Many diseases are caused by irregularities in the immune system. In other words, only with a well-functioning immune system is it possible to avoid illness, or easily overcome diseases. Immune deficiency occurs when the immune system is less active than normal, and leads to chronic or life threatening infections.

Whatever the source (organic/inorganic, bodily/spiritual or physical/chemical) every toxin can turn the body into a disaster zone. Although the effects of toxins on our body are suppressed for a long time; as the accumulation of toxins increases, related health issues are triggered. This inflammation can be the start of unpleasant events for the body and soul. In short, a rise in the body's toxic load means the deterioration of our health.

Toxins, allergens or stress factors impair the balance of the immune system, causing it to immediately enter crisis mode, and in such cases, the immune system must be strengthened.

Observe Your Body

You should keep an eye out for some signs indicating the build-up of more toxins than your body can tolerate. If you often come across the following health issues, it means the toxic load in your body has increased, the intensity of the struggle has risen, and it’s time for a cleanse: eczema or similar skin conditions, itching without a rash, chronic ulcers and cold sores, consecutive colds and/or upper respiratory tract infections, lack of sex drive or impotence, weakness, exhaustion, sleep disorders, headaches, lack of appetite or overeating, difficulty concentrating, learning disabilities, memory loss, emotional overreactions, anger issues, signs of depression, episodes of bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhoea, gastritis, acid reflux, food allergies, gum infections and similar complaints.

As the toxic load increases, the immune system can go into an alarmed state, so the diseases can intensify, or may inflame if they already exist in the body. If the inflammation is settled in the vascular system, our veins are damaged and hardened, and plaque begins to build up. If it settles in the brain tissue, negative effects may arise, including memory loss. When placed in fat cells, it causes weight gain or obesity. These are just a few examples of the nefative sideeffects. In essence, the smoke of the fire raging inside the body slowly takes over, choking the body and soul. Thus, diseases and aging, accelerate.

Healing Starts From The Inside Out

The most effective way to handle aging is to purify all tissues and organs of toxic residue with a regular detox program; then to repair worn or inadequately functioning organs, and finally, to rejuvenate your body as a whole. The most important thing is to ensure the continuity of this state.

With the programs succesfully implemented at Infinity Regenerative Clinic, the speed of aging may be slowed down, and even further, significant rejuvenation may be achieved.

If your body has somehow become ill, any external synthetic/chemical medication you ingest, cannot replace your body’s preexisting ability to heal itself. Moreover, it is known that the most important factor of diseases in our today’s world are additives, drugs and preservatives deteriorating the natural qualities of foods.

Your body can prevent or cure diseases by using your inner potential. However, for this, you must first restore the conditions that will allow your body to use its own power. Afterwards, supportive methods should be applied to repair and renew the affected organ or system.

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