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Don't be Overwhelmed by Winter Depression!

6 Ways to Overcome Winter Depression


Winter's already on our doorstep. Sun shines lower in the sky. The days are getting shorter and it is really cold outside. The snow started to fall down. With the arrival of winter, many people feel themselves exhausted and tired, have lack of energy, and cannot enjoy the life. This condition, also known as winter depression, is a seasonal affective disorder that usually starts with decreasing daylight in autumn and is manifested by deep feelings of stress and/or sadness in the cold days of winter.


Why does Winter Depression occur?


According to Infinity Regenerative Clinic experts, after a very sunny and energetic holiday season, decreasing sunlight and shortening days may cause passivity, sadness and even stress in many people, even if they have not fallen into depression before. In addition, with the effect of cold air, people stay away from social environments because they spend more time indoors. As the sun sets earlier, they feel compelled to return home early. People are more alone in winter. This causes social isolation and increases the risk of depression.


What are the Symptoms of Winter Depression?


If you are complaining of the following symptoms, you may also be experiencing winter depression:

  • Having difficulty in sleeping and waking up

  • Low energy, weakness, fatigue and lethargy,

  • Immune system collapse and frequent illness

  • Desire to stay away from social environment and relations

  • Lack of attention and motivation in business and daily activities

  • Difficulty in focusing and decision making

  • Lack of sexual desire

  • Feeling insignificant and worthless, constant thoughts of death or suicide

If you feel extremely upset and/or desperate in winter and if you have a few of the above symptoms, you may need to contact your doctor or visit a mental health professional as soon as possible. Don't be negligent about that. However, you can easily prevent mild to moderate winter depression with the practices, suggested by our experts, which are easily adaptable to life.


1. Exercise


Physical exercises are the best choice for regaining energy lost in winter depression and feeling fit. Even an exercise of brisk walking allows your body to release endorphins and help improve your overall well-being. You don't necessarily have to do outdoor exercises. You can also go to the gyms, indoor swimming pools and roller skate rink. Thus, you are both protected from the cold and do exercises.


2. You must go outside on sunny days

Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from the sun showing very little face in winter. The more time you spend under natural light, the more energy you store. Open your curtains as early as possible in sunny weather and ventilate your room. Spend your holidays in the open air and take your break outdoors while you're at work. Let the energy of the sun infiltrates you!


3. Stay Away From Junk Food


Even though the most delicious foods appear to be ones with carbohydrates, consuming junk food or too much high-sugar foods and foods containing additives causes you to gain more weight and become overweight. This is an invitation to winter depression.


4. Socialize at Every Opportunity and Contact People


In the cold days of winter, although we tend to spend time at home or indoors, spending time in social environments with friends and communicating with people prevents us from feeling alone, reduces stress, and improves our mental health. Even if you're stuck at home due to heavy snow, take advantage of the technology's blessings and make video chats with family and friends at least. Don't condemn yourself to loneliness.


5. Reduce Alcohol and Smoking

You may have spent the summer in the festive atmosphere with drinking too much cocktails and alcohol. But in the winter you should not consume much alcohol and cigarettes. Because of lower mobility and spending more time indoors in winter, excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption can trigger depression by weakening mood. Stay away from them for your mental and physical health.


6. Don't Change Your Sleep Habits


Especially on weekends, don't stay awake until late at night. Do not get stuck in the house because of the cold weather. Be careful not to sleep more than necessary while you are at home and not to stay awake at night to disrupt your sleep habits.


All these habits, which are easily adaptable to life, can help you keep the energy from the summer in cold winter days. Try to be energetic and lively, regardless of the black face of winter. However, do not hesitate to get professional help if necessary. Keep in mind that hot days will come again!

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