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Cancer is a pathological condition known by the rapid and uncontrolled division of cells as a result of damage to the cell DNA for various reasons, under the influence of genetic and environmental conditions. Cancer cells proliferate irregularly, deforming and disrupting functions of the diseased organ, then spread to the entire body through lymphatic and blood circulation (metastasis), and can ultimately cause the death of the patient.

Any underlying factor of the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells or tissues can cause cancer. There are several factors associated with the development of cancer in the human body. Although lifestyle or environmental changes may trigger cancer development, other causes of cancer are still unknown. Major factors causing cancer include chemical or toxic compound exposures, ionized radiation, some pathogens, and human genetics.



Anyone can get cancer. However, the most common types of cancer are as follows; lung, colon and prostate cancer in men; breast, colon and lung cancer in women; and brain cancer, leukemia and lymphoma in children.

Early diagnosis and treatment is the most important factor in cancer treatment. Although genetic tests can predetermine susceptibility to and potential risks of cancer, treatment protocols are not initiated until they turn into disease. In other words, according to the understanding in modern medicine, you have to have cancer in order to start cancer treatment!

In modern medicine, cancer treatment is based on the destruction of cancer cells by using aggressive treatment methods with many side effects, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, or by surgical removal of the tumors. The underlying causes of cancer are pushed aside and ignored. In addition, as these methods cannot target cancer cells alone, they also cause serious harm to healthy cells. In addition, these methods have both short-term side effects such as nausea, weakness and hair loss, and long-term side effects such as increased risk of infertility and developing other cancers.



Infinity Regenerative Clinic’s preventive cancer treatment does not include aggressive treatment methods that cannot target specific cells, damaging both cancer and healthy cells. The chemical drugs administered to treat cancer weaken the immune system, making cancer patients sicker. However, although these treatment methods may temporarily reduce or stop the growth of tumors, as they weaken the immune system, cancer cells may rapidly and aggressively return after discontinuation of the medication.

The IRC Anticancer Program is a program designed by Infinity Regenerative Clinic specifically to prevent the occurrence, development and progression of cancer cells. Within the scope of the program, firstly, cancer risk factors are determined by using all the early diagnosis tools of modern medicine, including laboratory and genetic tests. Then, our medical practices and measures created with the unique combination of modern and alternative medicine are used to strengthen the immune system and eliminate the risk factors leading to cancer. By strengthening the immune system, the body’s natural defense mechanism functions more effectively and fights against all diseases, especially cancer cells. In other words, our clinic’s holistic approach not only eliminates the risk of cancer, but also prevents the occurrence of other diseases, thus opening the doors to a healthy, happy and long life. This is the difference between IRC Anticancer Program and other cancer treatment methods.



Through this approach, necessary measures are taken to remove the toxic environment that causes irregular proliferation of cancer cells in the body, and thus the immune system is strengthened through full body purification. In addition, vitamin and mineral supplements, which significantly accelerate the ability of the immune system to fight cancer cells, are used during the treatment. Our applications and supplements are administered by taking into consideration the fact that cancer cells are fed from carbohydrate synthesis in an oxygen-free environment. We eliminate the chemical, genetic and environmental factors that lead to the occurrence, development and progression of these cells. At the end of the program, you will see that abnormal cells which are likely to turn into cancer, are greatly reduced; and thus you will feel renewed and rejuvenated. Remember, you don’t have to wait until you have cancer to prevent cancer!

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