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Infinity Regenerative Clinic successfully administers IRC Addiction Treatment Programs including;

• Smoking Cessation Treatment,

• Alcoholism Addiction Treatment,

• Drug Addiction Treatment.

IRC Addiction Treatment Programs aim to make you get rid of harmful habits in a natural and healthy way. Your body will regain its natural functions and vitality in a very short time when you abandon those addictions that negatively affect all organs, tissues and cells of the organism, especially the lungs, heart and brain.



Your body emits electromagnetic frequencies at different wavelengths. The cells, tissues and organs have their own frequencies, which determine the overall frequency spectrum of your body. In bioresonance therapy, the electromagnetic frequencies disrupting the frequency of the body are reversed, changing their effects on the body. Bioresonance, which is used especially in various addiction treatments, has a wide range of effects. Bioresonance therapy, a completely energy focused treatment, does not include chemical medicine.

Within the scope of IRC Addiction Treatment Programs, information is gathered from each guest's specific dependency profile with on bioresonance to treated with frequency waves specific to the individual. Bioresonance relieves the body and removes the traces of addiction without causing any pain. The results of bioresonance therapy that completely terminates physical dependency are permanent.

A holistic strategy with advanced techniques that will first stop the addiction and then eliminate the risk of recapturing addiction is followed in Infinity Regenerative Clinic through different and versatile methods such as Laser and Ozone Therapy applied together with Bioresonance Therapy. The addiction ends with certainty and does not return back.

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